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Hiking – from plans to the finish line.


Do you guys can speak English?

  • Yes, we do. (But honestly, not as good as we want. We hope you’ll understand us anyway.)
  • We write all the information in Hungarian (both on our pages and on our tours), but if you’ve questions, please feel free to contact us! (We promise we won’t eat you! ☺)


What is hiking? What is the purpose?

  • Hiking is a long, vigorous walk, usually on trails or footpaths in the countryside. Our hiking routes are usually in Budapest and/or at Budai-hegység / Buda hills.
  • The purpose is different for everyone: increasing endurance, developing map skills, spending free time usefully, getting to know beautiful landscapes, etc.


How long is your hiking route?

  • Our routes are usually between 4 – 20 kilometers. Occasionally several distances can be completed. (Except “7 Nap – 7 Éjszaka” [7 Day – 7 Night ] event. For more information, please go to the last question!)


Is there any level / lap time? Why is that necessary?

  • Yes, all of us route has level time.
  • And it’s necessary because the start, checkpoints & finish place are only available at a specified time.


So… should I run?

  • No, if you don’t want you don’t have to. Good to know: our hiking is runner friendly.


Can I go with my family even someone is disabled? Can we also bring our dog(s)?

  • Yes! Our events are family & dog friendly, also recommended for people with disabilities!


Awesome! When / Where will be your next hiking event?

  • Please, check out our webpage ( hu/turaink ) and / or facebook page ( facebook.com/stabil.sport ) and / or Instagram profile ( @stabilsport ).
  • We write all the information in Hungarian (both on our pages and on our tours), but if you’ve questions, please feel free to contact us! (We promise we won’t eat you! ☺)


What terrain and weather do I expect? What should I take with me?

  • There may be concrete, dirt and / or gravel roads, as well as slopes and ascending routes on the hikes, but none of them are fatal!
  • We always try to make excellent time for hiking, but sometimes our good-time-dancing is ineffective. Weather-appropriate, sporty and if necessary, layered clothing is recommended.
  • Do not leave at home: your happy mood, pen, amount of liquid and food to suit your needs, and your flashlight / headlamp on the night tour!


How much and what is included in the entry fee?

Payment at the start-place
Age / Distance Longest Medium Shortest
Under 14 years 1800 HUF 1500 HUF 1500 HUF
Over 14 years 1300 HUF


You can only pay at the start-place, only with Hungarian Forint in cash (there is no credit card payment option!)

  • Visually impaired people can start for free! (+ one helper can start with 50% discount)
  • Other disabled hiker-friend can start with 50% discount!
  • Based on the entry fee, the costs related to the organization, the description of the text hiking route, the map, any refreshing service, the certificate, the badge, the festive jam or fatty bread after arrival at the finish.
  • Important: we don’t always have any refreshment point during the tour, so please have the right liquid and food for your needs!


Why do I have to write down my phone number?

  • It’s simply: we can see, if you are out of level time, so we can ask where you are or other important issues (e.g.: Are you lost? Did you give up or should we wait you? etc)
  • We promise, we wont call or text you outside the time of the event! Of course we won’t pass on your phone number!

So I just started. What should I do?

  • You’re just awesome! Now please follow our maps (these are our officially routes).
  • If you would like, you can use maps on your phone too. For these maps please go to https://tinyurl.com/stabilse website, choose “gpx” folder, and then download gpx file. (you can see the event’s name on your page, with bold letters (e.g.: Hűvösvölgyi Lépések 20 / 6 ) After it, open with any app which can handle this file (e.g. SportsTracker).
  • If you are at a checkpoint: write down (or take a photo about) the verification code.
  • If you are at a refresh point: ask for a stamp from our volunteers, eat and drink!
  • If you lost, or you give up please call or text us! Our phone number: +36704203252

Maybe, we can help to you!

  • If you are in an emergency, call the emergency number (112) immediately! After it, please call or text us too!


What cups can I get?

  • Usually after you finished a tour, you’ll get: a badge and a certificate, and some bread with jam or fatty bread.
  • If you done our 7 Nap – 7 Éjszaka [7 day – 7 night] event week you’ll get a cup at the summer! At this week, from Monday to Sunday, each day has a tour, but with only the shortest distance. This cup’s Verification paper is 2000 Huf.
  • If you done every Friday night’s tour, you’ll get a Friday the 13th cup at our last tour in the year. This cup’s Verification paper is 2000 Huf.
  • And if you are determined and finished a lot of our tours you’ll get our Stabil Cup at our first tour in the new year!

You have to finish

…at least 15 tour for a small cup with your name + certificate.

…at least 25 tour for a medium cup with your name + certificate.

…at least 35 tour for a big cup with your name + certificate.


Thanks for check this FAQ out! If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us!


Best regards,

Stabil Sport